Austin Warner, St. Louis Cardinals organization


St. Louis Cardinals’ pitching prospect Austin Warner, who split last season between AA-Springfield and AAA-Memphis, was playing at minor league camp in Jupiter, Florida, when spring training was shut down.

He wasn’t totally surprised.

March Madness was supposed to be played without stands, then it was just canceled. The NBA season went on hiatus. NHL, too. Of course, MLB would stop, too.

“I wasn’t as surprised about the postponement because of all the other leagues postponing first. But I was definitely still disappointed,” Warner said.


He’s doing reasonably well, he says: “As good as possible with all of this and no baseball.”

Warner is keeping busy back home in Louisville, Kentucky. He stays in shape with at-home workouts and throws “as much as possible.” He has a couple of people to throw with, or he just throws against a net, he said.

The grocery stores in Louisville aren’t much fun right now, either, if you’re wondering if it’s better somewhere else.

Bills Bills Bills

MLB just announced that minor league players will receive a lump sum of spring training allowances that players would have received had training continued until April 8. However, it’s still unclear how much minor league players will receive for postponed regular season games – and when.

Like nearly all of us, Warner’s trying to keep money coming in.

Cutting grass, pitching lessons, Postmates. Whatever I can do to make a buck,” Warner said. 

And, like many of us, he’s going a bit stir-crazy.
“(I’m) not having the easier time keeping calm,” he said.
And, like some of us, Warner needs something to watch.
(I suggest Cheer, All-American, and Last Chance U on Netflix, among others. But not Contagion or Outbreak.)

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