Baseball in the Age of Corona

Welcome back.

I was supposed to be on a plane today but postponed my flight because I had a cold and didn’t want to fly to the PNW considering certain factors.

Besides, American Airlines will call you back in a couple of hours and help you change your flight without penalties. (Check your airline. It changes day-to-day.)

It helps to keep asking until the answer works for you.

So, as a freelancer/seasonal worker I found myself with a day to spend at a ballgame. Tired of refreshing the news because let’s face it, I’m already anxious, I parked and walked to a college game. I try to move around for different shots, but today I stayed put, keeping away from parents and players. An umpire gave me a death stare when I coughed. It’s just allergies, I wanted to plead. (But it wasn’t.)

Then another photographer told me there wouldn’t be fans at March Madness. I didn’t believe him.

Since I started writing this the NBA has paused its season.

How much longer will I be able to photograph baseball games?

Will the season continue? What about minor leagues?

Should I really fly to Seattle, an epicenter of coronavirus activity, on Saturday?

I’m scheduled to do an artist residency in the mountains and I’m looking forward to it.

But now there’s this pandemic and I don’t know how much weight to give it.

It’s hard to know if I’m being an alarmist or cavalier either way.

I mean. I get anxious about everything. But I also often work in Alaska in outlandish places that probably seem, eh, extreme: -40 or -50 temps in winter. Bears. Rampant alcoholism. Harassment on occasion. Hell to pay if you mention it. Weeks of no darkness. Weeks of almost all darkness. Northern lights. Bears. Fishermen. Lots of writing material.


It’s just: I don’t have any living grandparents. But other people do, and they use the same Aldi carts and scan my tickets and count my change.

Anyway. Baseball.

Don’t you think they ought to cancel spring training games because of all of the elderly attendees?

Here are some pix from today’s college game.

I hope they keep playing.


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