Royals advance?

Another new pitcher for the Angels.

Shrieking blue fans.

Holding breath, a gasp – for the grounder to short; force out at 2nd and cheers of relief when the runner was safe at 1st.

People hugged ushers and strangers in Hosmer jerseys.

Missourians hugged Jayhawkers.

Butler with the bases loaded.

KC baseball was always tucked into the back pages.

Photos torn while clipping out the Cards’ schedule.

he struck out.

But the fans still cheered.

Like the summer had started anew.

Or a wedding day.

I should hope.

the Royals?


Inning by inning.

Year by year. Since 1985.

Bit by bit.

Thousands rattled popcorn kernels throughout the city.

No, wait.

Those are fireworks.

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