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I Just Couldn’t Wait to Be King (Felix)


Way beyond the bullpen full
And between base lines
The batters’ dreams of getting hits
Aren’t scheduled on my time

I’d say I’m the ruler

Of most everything that’s round

From the grandest of the AL West
To Seattle’s holy ground

My sinker is an awesome thing
Cos I just couldn’t wait to be king

I’d call myself a noble king
I wouldn’t say I’m fair
I only need a little time
To stop an inning where
The lineup is the main event

Like no king here at all
I’m winding up I’m throwing you

My split, my change, curveball
Watching the batters take their swings
I think it’s safe to call me king

No one saying throw this

No one saying pitch there
No one saying stop that

dyeing til you got blonde hair
Free to play a game all day
But I think I’ll throw my way

The time has come as someone said

To raise prices when I start
To sell K shirts and signs,

for fans, who bow to the pitching king
worried sick since I strained a calf
and will miss 15 days time
I’m sure that I will be just fine,
For, M’s nation is patiently waiting
Since I decided that I’m king

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