Be it Resolved

Pitchers and catchers report in six weeks or so.

My head is full of Christmas lights and resolutions, like:

I will continue to trust in John Mozeliak, though the narrow path is uncertain.

If Chicago wins a World Series, I will pray for my enemies.

I will not judge Kansas City fans for their adoration.

Yes. I will carry a pair of scissors that they might borrow to clip tags off their team apparel.

I will thank Jason Heyward for his humble service in St. Louis.

When he’s older, he’ll understand.

I will forgive Pete Rose.

If I don’t, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I ever grew addicted to gambling, winning, or Facebook.

I’ll stop judging players for drug use.

And when it’s August, and the sun is burning my skin, and I’d rather do anything but sit and watch a Texas Leaguer laboring to finish the fifth – well.

Like him, I’ll remember to follow through.

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