Stephen Strasburg tosses a couple of fastballs near Peter Bourjos.

A couple of years ago, Strasburg was potentially so good that he couldn’t play.

His innings were limited by Washington after elbow surgery recovery.

At one point, perhaps the best a professional athlete could do was bend his elbow.

And yet we wondered why he wouldn’t do everything he could to ensure his team’s success.

He was 15-6 that year.

But it’s old news.

He returned the next year.

8-9, but anyway.

He’s now slipping curves past Bourjos.

Would playing more change things?

He tosses a cutter outside.

Perhaps even he couldn’t have knocked out St. Louis, which then stumbled against San Francisco.

The Giants won again.

But for the Nats, a playoff series. Maybe two. A third.

The next pitch is too high, a fastball, too much.

And years later, trying to bend his elbow again.

Still wondering.

Trying for the outside.

Bourjos nurses a walk.

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