Winning, and then some

Such a game when your team falls behind 5-1 into the 9th.

I wondered what I might do later that night, still overly caffeinated from several days of updating my website in the hopes of drawing eyes and wallets. Next week I’ll have a letter published in the New Yorker and who knows, maybe someone will look for me.

In the meantime, baseball, though I haven’t been able to write much about it. It can be easy but it isn’t these days. The roar of the crowd and all that sounds the same. This happened when I was still in graduate school but now I’m not as busy.

I took darling photos of kids collecting baseballs from ballplayers. Friends, I was 32 before I took home a foul ball.

Still, I wandered toward the dugout when the Birds placed runners on with a 4-run deficit. I hopped the fence between pitches, just in case I wanted candid shots.

Then this:



No &^%$#!!! way, I said.

A grand slam in the bottom of the ninth?


Tied game!

Baseball can be fun.

I once saw this player hit an infield triple, so when I heard he was in town for a rehab assignment I had to see.


Can you imagine being able to delight people with your ability to run?


This guy had the game-winning hit.


Yes, baseball can be fun again.


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